How to make a perfect pastry cream 
with Jordi Bordas and Pamela Jiménez

Tuesday, February 6th, 2024
15:00 (UTC+1)

New free MASTERCLASS in sight! This time you'll discover all the secrets behind making the perfect pastry cream, adapted to all of the market's newest needs. It's one of the most classic pastry elaborations and acts as a foundation for many recipes, such as mousses. It's also used as filling or decoration for a variety of elaborations:

Can I make vegan pastry cream?
What is the composition of pastry cream?
How can I tell if my pastry cream is properly cooked?

Can I freeze and thaw my pastry cream?
What factors affect the stability of pastry cream?
Can I use other types of starch in place of corn starch?
How can I substitute the sugar with a sweetener?


See you on Tuesday 6th!
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